Algorithm for generating serialVersionUID for java entities

Here is some way of generating serialVersionUID for java entities.
It is stable in sense that it depends only on your schema, not JVM/time or date of creation.
On the other hand it depends on all fields in entity.
If we have next n fields:
typeName_1 fieldName_1;
typeName_2 fieldName_2;

typeName_n fieldName_n;
we could calculate
serialVersionUID =
(fieldName_1.hashCode() XOR typeName_1.hashCode()) * 31^0+
(fieldName_2.hashCode() XOR typeName_2.hashCode()) * 31^1 + … +
(fieldName_n.hashCode() XOR typeName_n.hashCode()) * 31^n
where fieldName_i.hashCode() is hashCode() of fieldName_i string
(for int id; it will be “id”.hashCode())
and typeName_i.hashCode() is hashCode() of typeName_i string
(for int id; it will be “int”.hashCode())
so, we will be independent from
1) JVM
2) time/date of creation
and depend on
1) fields order
2) field types
3) field names