Facebook’s most annoying issues 2

11. Manage rights for applications is not good enough. You should be able to select what you would actually like to share with an application at the start of using it. I’m sure some Facebook games would survive without having access to my email. Ideally it should look like this: you declined access to email, but the application later asks “This application would like to access your email because it needs to send you notifications about bla bla…”. 12. The mail Inbox is confusing for many people. They often click on user instead of message (especially if message is short) and write on your wall thinking that they answering your message. 13. Not granular enough authorization. There should be definitely more granular authorization for different types of posts. For instance, I’m fine with sharing my “Notes” with everyone, but I’d like my photos viewed only by my close friends and family. 14. Issues with Edit settings. I’d love to return to my *edit* privacy settings page after I view my profile, not to *view* privacy settings. 15. Issues with site navigation. Sometimes it is really hard to find a page you want. For

example, for me to setup my blog to appear through “My Notes” I had to click on “Notes”, click on “My Notes”, click on “Write a note”, click on “My Notes” again and only then I’ll have a link “Edit import settings”! It is not the only example. The whole site navigation should be revised. 16. No breadcrumbs and no site map. Well, there are some kind of breadcrumbs, but as you can see from previous issue they do not always reflect how to get to the page. A sitemap would really help. 17. Issues with international characters in SMS. Facebook has a nice system which sends you SMS as soon as you get a message. This is very nice, unfortunately it has issues with Unicode: all non-English letters are replaced with question mark. 18. HTTPS is not default. Default protocol for Facebook should be automatically HTTPS instead of HTTP after login. 19. Why can’t I have nested “Lists” of people? It’s very inconvenient to put the same person to multiple groups. Why not just add a feature so I can add a list inside my list. If I have a group School Friends I want to add a subgroup ClassMates. 20. Photo viewer is not very convenient. Sometimes it opens up multiple popups (one new for each photo), which is confusing.