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We finally got a way to track issues with cameras

Imagine that you bought an expensive photo camera and there is something which annoys you very much. Like the face that it can’t always focus properly or battery life is laughable? What would you do? Try to call to support? Where they would tell you (if you are lucky) that they have noted this on […]

What do we want from log. Logging with SLF4J, logback and guice

Why do we need logging Yes, really, why do we need it in a first place? Usually we use logging for the what drug is similar to reglan viagra sold in usa escrow pharmacy viagrasamplesonline codeine promethazine syrup buy online primatene mist order from canada zoloft without insurance amoxil 500mg dosage xenical […]

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Learn new words new way

My wife (and myself, of course) keep studying new words in English. Initially my wife would print them out on paper and study this way. But I though I could come up with a better idea. Since we are Netflix-addicted movie lovers we got ourselves a HDTV and a device to run Netflix on it. […]

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Strengths Finder

Strength Finder is a psychological test, for which I got a free pass by purchasing a book Go Put Your Strength to Work after First Break All The Rules by the same author. I’m very fascinated by the idea to focus on people strengths vs trying to fix their weaknesses. And here are my results: […]

20-70-10 is a Bad Gamification?

What are we talking about? Recently Gamification has become a popular term. It is basically a behavioral psychology about applying techniques found in games to a non-game context. 20-70-10 is so called vitality curve invented by (ex-) General Electric CEO Jack Welch when all workforce is divided to 20% of best performing, 70% average and […]

How to find a parent pull request by commit SHA on GitHub

Puzzled how this particular commit got into master? What to find pull request which it belonged to? Not such feature on Github? Checkout this script, written on top of Github’s API: It allows to search closed pull requests to find the pull request which contained given commit. How to use Run from root […]

Amazing article on how to migrate your Spring XML to Java

We all used to have those XML configurations which kinda OK, but might be out of sync during refactoring and in general look oldish and don’t allow you to reuse your great constants. Now our problems are solved with Spring’s feature which will allow you to have all your Spring configuration in code! Check it […]


Here is a presentation I’m going to do today at work: And there are some nice books on bodybuilding:

ArrayList is faster than LinkedList for add() operation

I was always wondering if it is a good idea to use LinkedList if the number of elements in the list is unknown. So I decided to test it. Program is pretty short here: I run this test on Ubuntu 12 64bit, Oracle Java 7 64bit, 12Gb RAM, i7 920 processor. It won’t run, […]

Checking mirrors pings in Scala

I’ve recently was installing CygWin on one of my machines and ran into question I run into all the time: which mirror to select to minimize time to load all my stuff. So I decided finally to write a small Scala program to ping mirrors and find out which one is the closest. I decided […]


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